Determining Your Offering Price
Once you have found the right house, you will probably feel educated enough to know what is a good deal and what is a reasonable price. We will also guide you with my knowledge of the marketplace. We will take into account time on market, comparable properties, the condition of the house and decide what is a fair price to offer. It will always be your decision, but we will help you as much as we can to ensure you are educated enough to make confident decisions.

Zillow Schmillow
Many buyers look at online sites to get pricing for homes. All these averages don’t matter much if the properties are not really that similar to the home you’re making an offer on. This is the biggest drawback to third party web CMA sites like Zillow. They get their essential specs for your property and the comps from the public records, which are often incorrect. They can’t adjust for a house that has a pool, extensive updates, huge addition, is in an inferior location or is simply very different from neighboring homes. Also, if the neighborhood market took a major upswing or downturn three months ago, the six-month-old sales won’t be nearly as predictive of the value of “your” home. We want our clients to be aware of the differences.

Writing the Offer
Our goal is to get the home on your terms which includes things like closing dates, things to be included in the sale, price and earnest money. We will explain your contractual rights and responsibilities, talk about different negotiating strategies and give as much advice as we can. The offer will spell out how much you are willing to pay for the home, what type of financing you will obtain and a myriad of other important details and dates relevant to the purchase of the property.

Remember to Breathe
Once We have presented your offer, the seller’s agent will review it with his or her clients and either accept it or send back a counteroffer. This can be a trying time for some people, worrying whether or not their offer will be accepted. We want you to remember to breathe. Know that we have done our best and will be up to the challenge of negotiating anything that comes our way.

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